Are you looking for straight answers, fast delivery and a high level of flexibility? Our products are
manufactured in Sweden, close to our market, in our own state-of-the-art production facility outside
Gothenburg. We are committed to high precision and flexibility, both in our own production and in
subcontract assignments.
Multi-operation turning of the highest quality
Our production facility uses modern machine tools providing
leading-edge machining technology. They include Emco six
axis multi-operation machines which are ideal for all sizes of
production runs of both large and small components, with
1000 mm between spindles and a maximum turning diameter
of 500 mm.
Double spindle machining for optimal efficiency
Our multi-operation machines are double spindle with 65 mm
bar passage. Both the head spindle and the counter spindle
have integrated spindle motors which are liquid-cooled for
accurate tolerances. Since the machines are double spindle,
we can machine complex components completely in a single
operation. The driven tools, along with the y-axis, enable us to
handle a range of machining modes, such as tracyl, transmit
and polygon. The machines are equipped with integrated parts
capture devices for reliable removal from the machine.
GasIQ carries out extensive subcontract work on behalf
of a range of industries, including heating, ventilation and
sanitation, as well as the gas industry. If you would like help
with product development and/or manufacture, we can
develop solutions tailored to your unique requirements, and
can handle both large and small production runs.
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