Are you looking for a unique solution for your weld cell? Perhaps you need specially-adapted
connections? GasIQ’s Research & Development Centre can help you develop products and complete
solutions to meet your specific requirements.
Product development with high flexibility
GasIQ is committed to constant product development to
meet the most stringent requirements and expectations of
a demanding industry. At our R&D Centre, we design using
a 3D solid modulation programs, so that we can simulate
function and design right on the drawing board. This gives us
the flexibility essential for customised products.
Modern production in Sweden
Just next door to our Design Department, we have our
in-house machining and assembly workshop. This gives us
control over the whole process, from concept to finished
product. With cutting-edge machine tools, including six axis
CNC machines, we can meet the highest standards of quality
manufacturing. In our factory, we produce components
focusing on quality, safety, ergonomics and economy.
Large and small runs
We are happy to turn out either large or small runs. Assembly
is carried out by skilled personnel with considerable
experience and a high level of expertise. All our products are
tested and checked before delivery.
GasIQ holds ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certification
through Lloyd’s Register of Quality Assurance.
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