Our products are used in tough environments. Often for long periods, and for very high precision work.
That is why GasIQ’s cutting and welding systems and products have been developed to give optimal
sensitivity and precision – in very demanding situations. By combining ergonomic design and the best
materials, we can create hard-wearing and easily-handled cutting and welding systems which ensure
minimal gas consumption and a perfect flame.
Ergonomic and hard-wearing design
The ergonomic design of our cutting and welding systems
gives excellent grip and controllability for the welder, vital over
long working days and in projects which demand high
precision. In addition, our products are manufactured from
hard-wearing materials which can cope with tough
environments and high workloads.
Volvo cut gas consumption by 43 %
In a test at Volvo Buss in Uddevalla, the amount of gas saved
by GasIQ’s Optimator
regulator was measured. During the
test, the welder first worked through a welding cycle with the
existing outlet point, and the next cycle with Optimator
. A
mass flow meter with digital counter was connected to
measure gas consumption during the two welding processes.
The test showed that Volvo saved at least 43 % of the gas in
the welding cycle where Optimator
was used.
Use original parts
Using GasIQ’s original parts throughout the system from
regulator to cutting torch and nozzle achieves the perfect
flame, which gives a perfect cut and excellent economy.
Remember: never use non-OEM parts! Original parts give
better flame and reduce gas consumption – they save you
money in the long run.
Some of the companies which use and trust our
ABB, BMW, GM, Caterpillar, JCB, Aker Kvaerner, Volvo and
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