GasIQ is a smart choice for gas equipment when you are looking for high quality and excellent economy.
Since we offer the whole chain from regulator to cutting torch and nozzles, we can supply complete solu-
tions providing both minimal gas consumption and a perfect flame. In Stenkullen, just outside Gothen-
burg, we manufacture products for gas cutting and welding, soldering and brazing, as well as regulators
for gas shielded welding.
Intelligent solutions since 1938
GasIQ was established in 2007 through a management buyout
from Elga AB, which has been manufacturing gas equipment
since 1938. In the past years, we have supplemented our
massive experience with major investment, partly in state-of-
the-art CNC machinery. Our ambition is always to be at the
cutting edge of the development and production of quality
Minimal gas consumption with Optimator
One result of our dynamic product development is
, a unique regulator which reduces shielding gas
consumption by up to 50 %. Optimator
is currently slashing
gas consumption and lowering welding costs at workplaces
throughout the world.
In-house production in Sweden
We have decided to base our production in Sweden, close to
our domestic market. In addition to giving us full control of the
whole production chain, we also believe that, as a customer,
you appreciate the fact that we are close at hand. When it is
needed, we can provide you with new products rapidly and
The specialist in gas equipment
The smarter solutions, in any sector and in any area, are
usually supplied by specialists. GasIQ is the specialist in gas
equipment. Working closely with you, we ensure that you
benefit from a smart solution which gives both higher quality
and improved economy. In partnership with us, you take your
operation to the next level.
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